Saint-TropezThe hotspot at the Côte d’Azur

Saint-Tropez is probably the most famous fishing village on the Côte d’Azur, perhaps even in the world. One of the most important attractions is the legendary port in which the impressive yachts are docked. Numerous exclusive restaurants and boutiques address international guests at a high level. Saint-Tropez is a charming little town with small, narrow alleys, picturesque courtyards and olive trees whose charms no one can resist if they’ve ever been to the small port town. Classic French vineyards border the charming little town; the finest wine is produced at the wineries where you’re invited for a tasting. However, the most beautiful destinations around Saint-Tropez are, without a doubt, the beautiful beaches. A total of seven beaches are spread across a length of eleven kilometres in and around the town. The attractions here are the famous beach clubs of Baie de Pampelonne, the largest sandy beach on the Côte d’Azur and hotspot for international jetsetters.

The Gulf of Saint-Tropez
One of the most beautiful and exclusive holiday regions in the world. This region inspired Pablo Picasso. The section of coast below Villa Julia is located between Port Grimaud and Sainte-Maxime.

The neighbourhoodSainte-Maxime and Port Grimaud

Sainte-Maxime is in the heart of Provence – it is known as a little paradise between the land and the sea due to its abundant beaches and the relaxed, family atmosphere. Here you can explore the cultural heritage of the old town, go for a walk along the 6-km-long sandy beach, enjoy water sports or go for a swim.  In the evenings, nice bars and restaurants on the streets of the old town or along the water invite you to learn how to live. In the summer, there’s live music, concerts and shows to suit every taste.
Port Grimaud: An architect and visionary devised the lagoon town about 50 years ago and carefully integrated traditional architecture into the coastline. His idea: to create a village that merges the land and sea together.
Today it isn’t just restaurants in Venice that remember their names.

  • 1. Sainte-MaximeCoastal town with a quiet bay, sandy beach and promenade, small pubs, music and culture. The crossing from the small, beautiful harbour to Saint-Tropez only lasts 15 minutes.
  • 2. Plage Les GabiansBeach right below Domaine de Beauvallon with parking and a small restaurant with outstanding food.
  • 3. Golf Club BeauvallonDirectly next door is the a very well-kept golf course with perfect greens and wonderful views of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.
  • 4. Port GrimaudA small artificial lagoon town not far from Villa Julia – houses in the Provençal style, waterways instead of roads, beautiful restaurants and shops.
  • 5. Saint-TropezA touch of luxury – a charming little town with small, narrow alleys whose charm no one can resist.
  • 6. Plage de PampelonneA 4.5 km-long sandy beach about 2.5 km south-east of Saint-Tropez. It is bordered by Cap Camarat in the south and Cap Pinet in the north.
  • 7. Le Club 55Described by some as the most famous beach bar in the world – in any case, it’s an institution with a prominent audience.

DomaineBartole de Beauvallon

The Villa Julia is in the quiet and self-contained Domaine Bartole de Beauvallon between Sainte-Maxime (4 km) and Port Grimaud (4 km) in the Bay of Saint-Tropez. The Domaine stretches across the hills above the Beauvallon Golf Club. The first plots of land in the Domaine were developed circa 1910. It is characterised by large plots of land with standalone villas, an old stock of trees and many well-maintained properties. Entry to the Domaine is through a gate secured with an access code.

From the foot of the Domaine, you can reach Saint-Tropez on the other side by boat within a few minutes. The Villa Julia plot is embedded into a beautifully-landscaped garden with an old stock of trees and view of the bay.